Contact SandiMy paternal grandmother was an English teacher. She was such a stickler for proper grammar that she sometimes graded my letters to her. I was so proud the day I got my first A+! Instead of giving me permanent writer's block, her tough love led to a fascination for all things grammatical. It was only natural that I would grow up to be an editor.


I consider editing to be an art form. I take the rich, organic raw materials produced by a writer and shape and polish them until they shine like precious gems. The trick is to retain the writer's style and voice. That is always my goal, and my clients tell me I do it well.


Each piece of writing is as unique as the writer. Sometimes, especially in the final stages of writing, all that's needed is a thorough and careful proofreading. Earlier in the process, most writing could benefit from line editing, which involves improving wording and sentence structure.


Comprehensive editing is typically reserved for book authors. It takes editing a few steps further than line editing, incorporating fact checking, character development, and/or extensive revisions. For new or struggling authors, consultative/developmental editing can build confidence and help establish the writer's voice and focus.


In addition to books, I edit articles, essays, resumes, web content, marketing materials, PowerPoint presentations, ezines, tutorials, manuals, blog posts, correspondence, and more. If it involves words, chances are I can edit it.


Please contact me to discuss your editing needs.



Sample Books Edited bySCS:


Home for the Friendless

Dancing in My Nightgown Strand of Pearls
Time Management Mastery

Spirit & Creator Magic Whirlpool
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