Sandi is a brilliant editor. She took the time to understand what each and every concept was I was conveying to the reader by asking all of the necessary questions. Her communication skills were impeccable. She was extremely thorough in maintaining my voice and tone of writing and never missed running anything by me if she thought it needed to be reworked. I especially valued the personal care and attention to my needs in helping make my first book a success. With her help, I was able to submit an excellent manuscript to the publisher. I absolutely plan on working with Sandi again one day, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking editing services.


~ Deborah Livingston

Author of Strand of Pearls (currently in production with Balboa Press - release date February 12, 2012)




Sandi is one of those rare people that meets deadlines, keeps her commitments and provides virtually flawless work.


~ Melody Wigdahl





Sandi's ability to bring order to written words resulted in both of my manuscripts being accepted for publication. I value her guidance for good reason: my books "Dancing in My Nightgown" and "The Home for the Friendless" both received Indie Awards. Our working relationship is one I treasure because of her "give and take" method of solving problems. It means that she values my input as much as I value hers. For all of these reasons, Sandi Corbitt-Sears has been my editor for twelve years.


~ Betty Auchard



I employed Sandi Corbitt-Sears to help me with my book "Before You Leave." Her service was invaluable. I had the luxury of writing without stopping, as she would adeptly and succinctly re-word, edit and clean up my stream of consciousness verbiage. What was an overwhelming task to me became doable and freer. She in no way interfered with my personal style; she actually was quite skilled at incorporating my style into better language. She is professional and easy to work with.

~ Helen Dahlhauser, M.A.,L.M.F.T.



Since I was a beginning novelist, I had very little idea what to expect when I began working with Sandi. It was a positive and rewarding experience. She was always readily available for consultation, with insightful ideas, which helped improve my manuscript immeasurably. As a beginner, I fully appreciate how she helped build my confidence level. Again and again when she made her suggestions, I had those ah ha moments since she was able to point out issues that I just couldn't see.

~ Maureen Rosenberg
Author of October Rose (currently in development)